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Welcome! This website was created on Jan 26 2008 and last updated on Nov 05 2019.

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About Lorenzo James Tomer & Family
NOTE: This site is not up to date.  To view a more complete and (usually) up to date site, visit the Lorenzo James Tomer family tree on Ancestry.com.

This site began in January 2008 and is being used as a place to collect information about the family of Lorenzo James Tomer (my dad).  He was born in 1912, grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and died in 1988 in Paradise, CA. We loved him, even when he was in a "blue funk".  He loved the railroad, ham radio and  flying airplanes.  He lived his life in a house full of women and one son, loved entertaining people playing the organ, and would have been thrilled with the connections that we now find here.

If you would like to see members of the tree who are "living" or
if you would like to enter or edit information, please drop an email to me and I will
send the access code to you.

PS:  I will try to update this site from time-to-time.  Please email me if you have any questions or are interested in information about a particular person.
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